Team Building

team building photo for escape rooms

Looking for a fun and interactive team building experience for your employees? Something that will assist you in your efforts to promote your company’s culture, as well as identify key individuals in your group who can help you accomplish that mission? Then Escape Port Charlotte’s Escape Rooms are the right fit for you! What better way is there to see how well your employees work together than to lock them all in a room and ask them to escape??

Your group of colleagues must work together, communicate, and collaborate in order to solve the mysteries of the room and discover the secret way out. It’s challenging — but a lot of fun.

Teams will want to discuss what they did right — and what they missed — after the experience. Did they listen to each other? Did they work together? How did they determine who would do what during the experience? Did they collaborate to solve puzzles? How did each team member contribute? What may have tripped them up?

Your team will be left with something to talk about for hours. Whether your team just wants to have a little fun and then call it a day or stay and debrief after in our conference room, Escape Port Charlotte can accommodate all your companies need.


Send us an email below with some information or call us at 941-883-6296 and we will be happy to arrange your next team building event.