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Favor of the Gods – Escape Rate 45%

“I am the Oracle of Thebes and I am sending you on a sacred pilgrimage into the temple of the gods to perform the sacred ritual of Katabasis to prepare your soul for it’s decent into the underworld. However, this is no ordinary ritual.  You are being sent in to retrieve another oracles soul from Hades itself. Although no one has dared to enter Hades and return, I believe if you complete enough favors of the gods you may be allowed to enter the realm to retrieve the soul and return safe and sound. Do you believe you are the hero of this story?”



Sometime ago, there were a string of kidnappings in your area. There were many theories of who the abductor was, but nothing was ever proven. Over time, people started using the stories to keep kids off of the streets. You and your friends have gone to the location of the kidnappings to investigate but things didn’t go quite as planned!

Disclosure: you start off handcuffed in this room! (Don’t worry, you can get out of them at any time).

kidnapped escape room


sherlock's secret - escape room north port

The London Mafia has insider Intel that Sherlock Holmes houses the Star of Thames from a previous daring adventure, and in true thug fashion, they don’t plan on asking nicely for it. However, Sherlock isn’t home to protect the precious gem! Its your job to find out where Sherlock lives, get inside his apartment and make sure the Star does not end up in the hands of Londons most heinous criminals.

Listen, we are dealing with Sherlock Holmes here. He has not made this an easy task. We would never stop anyone from a challenge, but we STRONGLY recommend 4-8 players for this room.