Escape Room – Fort Myers Beach fl – Direction – Lee County – Fort Myers Beach

north port florida - sarasota county pictures of people who did the escape room

Escape Room – Fort Myers Beach fl – Direction – Lee County – Fort Myers Beach

Things to do with families in Fort Myers Beach

Get on I-75 N from FL-865/San Carlos Blvd, Summerlin Rd, 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy and Daniels Pkwy
27 min (15.0 mi)

Head south on Ohio Ave toward Bayview Dr
0.1 mi

Turn right onto Estero Blvd
Pass by 7-Eleven (on the right in 0.3 mi)
0.5 mi

Continue onto FL-865/San Carlos Blvd
2.6 mi

Turn right onto Pine Ridge Rd
0.9 mi

Turn right onto Summerlin Rd
3.4 mi

Turn right toward Gladiolus Dr
387 ft

Slight right onto Gladiolus Dr
1.4 mi

Continue onto 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy
2.9 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Daniels Pkwy
2.8 mi

Use the right lane to merge onto I-75 N via the ramp to Tampa
0.3 mi

Follow I-75 N to US-17 S/Duncan Rd in Cleveland. Take exit 164 from I-75 N
27 min (32.9 mi)

Merge onto I-75 N
32.5 mi

Take exit 164 for US-17 S toward Punta Gorda
0.4 mi

Follow US-17 S and US-41 N/Tamiami Trail to your destination in Port Charlotte
13 min (7.0 mi)

Turn left onto US-17 S/Duncan Rd
Continue to follow US-17 S
2.3 mi

Turn right onto US-41 N/Tamiami Trail
4.3 mi

Turn right onto Harbor Blvd
0.2 mi

Make a U-turn
0.1 mi

Turn right
Street View
226 ft
Escape Port Charlotte
3191 Harbor Blvd C, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Google Reviews

Dora Dirrman
Dora Dirrman
What a great time we had. They have a lot of fun rooms.
Kevin Ochoa
Kevin Ochoa
This place is PHENOMENAL! The owner is a truly great person who has the customers interest at heart. We have now officially done every room they have to offer and cannot wait for new rooms to be made! Definitely a place you will want to continue to go to!
Shannon Clause
Shannon Clause
Absolutely wonderful!! So much fun if you haven't already done an escape room I suggest you do!!! Can't wait until our next room!!!! ??
vincent floyd
vincent floyd
Great experience and the owner had a great room can't wait to try again
Adam Amy Neel
Adam Amy Neel
Very well organized room. Many of us where first timers and they were great fun! Absolutely recommend for the entire family. Already booked our next room ?
Clara Gamble
Clara Gamble
Awesome time, everytime. Thank you for running a fun family business.
Christina Phillips
Christina Phillips
I had so much fun!!! Wish we would have went more often before we moved out of state!
Kristina Stilson-Johnson
Kristina Stilson-Johnson
Absolutely AMAZING and so much fun!!! Great staff 🙂 We will DEFINITELY be back!

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Request hints when needed
Most escape rooms offer hint systems. Whether it’s waving into a camera, using a walkie-talkie, or paying attention to in-game actors, don’t hesitate to ask for hints if you find yourself excessively stuck or losing enjoyment. Game masters are trained to guide you back on track, rekindling the joy of puzzle solving.

Confirm codes with the host
If you believe you’ve entered the correct code but it fails to unlock anything, consult your game master to confirm its accuracy. This clarifies whether you need to find a new code or if the lock itself is finicky. This is particularly relevant for locks requiring specific instructions or touchpad locks lacking visual feedback.

Efficient Puzzle Solving
Recognize what’s irrelevant
Through experience, you’ll discover common elements that are rarely significant in escape rooms:

Numbers stamped on old furniture are typically manufacturer identifiers or serial numbers.
Electrical components pose safety risks and should not be tampered with.
Avoid focusing on the ceiling, as searching behind drop ceiling tiles or touching them wastes time and can be hazardous. However, items on the ceiling may be relevant without involving direct contact.

Frequent attempts at combinations
Unless explicitly restricted, try plausible combinations whenever you have a potential solution. Promptly receiving feedback on whether you’re on the right track can save time, and you might even stumble upon the correct solution on your first attempt. This tip pairs well with the next one: when you have three out of four digits for a combination lock, input those and cycle through the remaining options for the fourth digit.

Skip the last few steps
Certain scenarios allow you to bypass minor steps:

Decoding every single letter in a substitution cipher can be tedious. Strategically deciphering some letters may enable understanding the message without decoding them all.
If you know the first three digits of a four-digit combination lock, try cycling through the remaining options for the fourth digit.
When confronted with a wordlock, focus on the initial and final letters to deduce potential solutions based on the room’s theme.
Skipping minor steps is recommended only for tasks that would otherwise prove excessively time-consuming. Avoid skipping entire puzzles.

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north port florida - sarasota county pictures of people who did the escape room
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